Hi Dw.

If there is anyone who knows how and which languagies are used to develop software's like word processing, Excel, Access, basically things like Office suite. I know Linux has their own different tools for office, as well as Microsoft as well and other OS have different Suites for office my question is which softwares/languagies and tools are used to develop these products, and techniques behind it as they provide advanced different features.

First your question in your topic. The answer is that all languages have been used from Assembly to all others. I don't know of any language that someone has not used to write a Word Processor or other such app.

If we look at the source code to a major Word or Office look a like on Linux, Windows and Apple "LibreOffice", it's C++.
Source: https://github.com/LibreOffice

Open Office uses a lot of Java, as does Libre Office, but they also use C++. In the mid-1980's I was director of engineering for a company that wrote a multi-user distributed office automation suite in C for the QNX operating system. Word processing, spreadsheet, database, etc.