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If there is anyone who knows how and which languagies are used to develop software's like word processing, Excel, Access, basically things like Office suite. I know Linux has their own different tools for office, as well as Microsoft as well and other OS have different Suites for office my question is which softwares/languagies and tools are used to develop these products, and techniques behind it as they provide advanced different features.

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First your question in your topic. The answer is that all languages have been used from Assembly to all others. I don't know of any language that someone has not used to write a Word Processor or other such app.

If we look at the source code to a major Word or Office look a like on Linux, Windows and Apple "LibreOffice", it's C++.
Source: https://github.com/LibreOffice


Open Office uses a lot of Java, as does Libre Office, but they also use C++. In the mid-1980's I was director of engineering for a company that wrote a multi-user distributed office automation suite in C for the QNX operating system. Word processing, spreadsheet, database, etc.

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