I'm using vb.net with mysql,sql,oracle. Now I want some advice. My questions I'll bold it after described situation(my need).
I used some accounting packages. From that I know behind exe file there is database. From all accounting packages we create new company file. At that moment we input some time period. After that new comany file create. I think personally new database create for each new company file. ( Please correct me if I'm wrong. I appreciate it from you experienced guys) - How can we do this ?
So another thing is when we start new financial year only some details transfering to new financial year. - How can we do this ?
I personally thought to do this I should gather some details (sum of columns) to variable and clear that table. After put new record with that informations gathered to variable.
I want to know my thought is right or wrong ? and wanted some theory advice for above two questions.
Thank You !

I assume by time period you mean the fiscal year of the company. One thing that should work is to create an index say based on the 2 calendar years referenced in the fiscal year(2016/2107). This will put each record for the company under that index and separate the transactions from every other year.

As for the year end summary a separate table for that should work, something that can be accessed from any year.