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Hi guys,
I am reletively new to php and laravel, can somebody please help me understad how and what the code will be to parse the" part.xml" file using laravel framework, my aim is to parse the given xml file, display it on browser and at the same time store it in database using Mysql and Php. I have no clue what the controller, router and other files be like , can you please give me a solution with little bit of explanation so that I can follow up... Thanks in advance.


<!-- part.xml -->
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/css" href="xmlpartsstyle.css"?>
   <TITLE>Computer Parts</TITLE>
      <COST> 123.00</COST>
      <ITEM>Video Card</ITEM>
      <MODEL>All-in-Wonder Pro</MODEL>
      <COST> 160.00</COST>
      <ITEM>Sound Card</ITEM>
      <MODEL>Sound Blaster Live</MODEL>
      <COST> 80.00</COST>
      <ITEMá¡‹ inch Monitor</ITEM>
      <MODEL> 995E</MODEL>
      <COST> 290.00</COST>

All you show is the XML file. Please show your code (php and laravel) and errors you are getting. Also, read the terms of use for this site. We don't do your work/homework for you.

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