Hy guys,
I was searching the net for almost half a year for an article which gives an opinion about HOW WOULD PROGRAMMING LOOK IN A 50-100 YEARS TIME.Now you can guess already I haven t found anything special so this is the reason why I am writting this post. Will programming ever become a noncomplex field a field where someone with no knowledge will be able to build a great aplication(program), or will there only be a place for people who are geniuses (heavy mathematicians,phyisicst etc...)? Dont get me wrong, i dont wanna say that today programers are not inteligent it s just that i have an opinion that there will be only masterminds doing programming in the future(the chosen ones xd). So PLEASE share you thoughts cause i can t stop thinking of that and i would really apreciate a decent answer.

So if you compare programming from 20 years ago, aside from programming language, one advantage these days is the ability to develop using IDEs. These IDEs are necessarily for getting more "non-programmers" to program, but to help them develop quicker. This helps reduce costs.

So if you continue on that thought, we should continue to see the industry coming up with ways to develop easier and faster. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have any design or programming experience. Of course, this would allow more non-programmers with the ability to develop.

I think it's equivalent to math and writing. We still teach people math and writing skills even though you can use calculators and computers. Who does complex math or take the time to actually write these days...

Programming is actually getting easier, think about it... look at the creation of CSS, without it, web developing/designing will be a pain in the &%$. Even though css is not really "programming" (to some people), you should get the point.

Who does complex math or take the time to actually write these days...

I DO! In our school we are not allowed to use the calculator or anything that calculates (except our brain), so on tests you'd have to be able to do any math fast (there is very, very, very rare occasions where we actually use calculators)! Even at my home, my parents enforce the same rules at home in order to make my math better (it is worth it at the end, i am already testing out of next years math to go on to high school junior level math and take AP physics with it).

After the Singularity no one will do any more programming.

Ugh, then programming is going to become a trade where it is going to go extinct... now the computers are going to take over having brains more advanced than ours (I CAN'T WAIT!).

That's my point...in school they still teach you math. In 50 years, they should still teach programming even though programming will be easier.

when i said complex math i didnt mean solving big equations with huge numbers by complex math i meant integrals , derivatives, limes,all sort of anlyisis and understanding nonlinear mathematics... but never mind . Today talking about singularity seems funny and something that people whish to happen as quickly as possible but that s not good for mankind , It kind of reminds me of I robot(Will Smith) situation comming up. Sorry for going off topic but i would apreciate some more toughts and after that I ll mark this solved! tnx.

Lets put it this way, almost every single thing that a human has ever created is always going to become more and more advanced but much more simpler.

It kind of reminds me of I robot(Will Smith) situation comming up

I wish that was going to happen, just without the evil robots and a "mother" bot controlling them.