Hello Everyone,
I have an assignment i am doing and user can select and artist and the amount of tickets per artist but i am unsure how to make it so when i click a seat i can only click the amount of seats i purchased in the previous screen.
i am using GlobalVariables and unsure what to do from this point.
Any help will be appreciated as i have spent 2 hours figuring out code and i am sick with the flu with a huge headache meaning my brain is functioning at 100% so any help will be really appreciated.
here is my app. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4_jBBn283MLUmpIdkpWVFpnZ2c

Hope you are getting better soon and I'm glad to notice your brain is still functioning at 100% !
It's a pity, but you will find nobody over here to wade to the whole of your project code to find your error.
Better is to post the relevant code, perhaps with some other relevant info like a screenshot, and pinpoint where it could be wrong.