What is that linking to?

Do you think we are all stupid slaves serving ,you the KING, with all his howework wishes?

Did he really just link to the assignment and be like "Do this", seriously?!
Not happening dude, you have to cry nicely. Take a look at my questions for example:

  • List your attempts
  • Format your post well
  • Show them code in readible form
  • Tell 'em what you tried
  • Tell 'em what you're trying to achieve
  • Beg for DaniWeb overlords

A perfect example of how to NOT get help on Daniweb...

commented: Worked for me thus far! +0

My browser cannot follow this link. I thought about Ā«moderatingĀ» the post for spam reason, but well, let it live as an example of a terrible post.

Gribouillis, it's actually a valid link to Google Drive. It contains two .docx items. One is rating card (how much points you get for what), and the exercise itself.

Edit: Nevermind, it appears to be Malaysian bot who got hold of Google Drive link.