Write a C++ program implementing the use of Object Oriented Programming that would simulate a supermarket cash register receipt. The program should start by displaying the Supermarket's Name and business motto ... for example BRODIES - SERVICE, VALUE , SATISFACTION. Then goes on to ask the user enter the customer name and customer type. The customer name should be saved by means of a function for later display. The customer type should be 1) Walk in 2) Regular 3) Loyal. Walk-in customers normally do not get a discount, Regular customers get 10% off all purchases and Loyal customers who pay an annual fee get 10% discount and 5% rebate on all purchases.
The program is expected to enter item names , quantity and if taxable. Set at least 15 items of your choice as constants some examples are : groceries, general merchandise, produce, cosmetics, beverage, toys, clothing, etc. with their respective prices. The program should set the prices based on taxability, item name and quantity for all the items entered by means of a loop terminated by an appropriate sentinel. Not all items are taxable and the ones that are incurs an additional rate of 12.5%.
The program should display all the customer's name, the current date and time (using header as subheadings and in columnar form a list of all the items purchased, their quantity, N or T for nontaxable and taxable respectively, and the item total.
At the end of the receipt should have the GST tax subtotal and the total for the receiptas well as the amount tendered for payment and the change. Concluding the receipt should be a sentiment such as Have a Nice day! [50 marks]

Is this going to be a GUI or a console app?
Will you use a database to keep the inventory and purchase history?
I would imagine needing a database to determine the rebate (unless it's done immediately).
BTW -- is the rebate on the original price or the price after discount?

What compiler are you using and is there any style of code you're NOT ALLOWED to use?

Homework I presume. We don't do your homework for you. Make an honest effort to do the work and when you run into coding problems, post the code and errors here and then we may be able to help you.