Hi All,

We are using zetta cube with asp.net and vb.net (coding) in 3.5 framework / VS 2008 from 2010. Its working fine. Just 3 months back we are upgraded to IE11 (Edge mode) at the time of upgrading we faced some of UI issues and resolved the same.

The same way we facing issues in Zetta cube also, earlier IE version working good.

The issues is totally, we have separated 3 panels, once launched the URL it will launch all three panel based on the functionalities. When click to Pin / Unpin the panels, that panel get cleared (shown white page) we have analysed and didn’t get correct fix on this. Please help?

I have attached sample project in this with Left, Centre and Right panels. Please take a look and you will get clear idea of the problem


This one looks to be one of those issues where so few are using your kit (collection of tools) that the answer may be to go with what works.

But first I see you posted weeks ago at https://forums.asp.net/t/2112164.aspx?Zetta+Cube+panels+with+IE+11+issues and maybe other places. That's fine since you gave time to those other places. No problem there but it does lead me to beleive you are in a rare spot.

Since this looks very very specific to some company or such application, find any exit. That is, test in Chrome, Firefox and be sure your web page gets a clean pass of w3c's tester.

It's a long shot to find someone with all those dev tools and a server so you may have to use any exit.