Hi every one .
i need code for how i set the connection i.e when i execute the project .exe it show me a form in which there is Database name , Server name , User name and Password . And after clicking the OK button it pass these value to connection string and save there.
I need simply the code for passing these value to connection string in VB.Net and how save these value there.
Thank in advance

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Show us what you have tried so far.

Reverend Jim is correct. To get support from various expertise you must have to show your effort, from which every one can understand for what cause you didn't get your desired result.
There are many expertise present here to help you about your codes from their hart.


you can create your connection string by concatenating the string values by using "&" or "+"

I am unable to upload the pic .Actually,I am having form with text boxes i need to get the inputs from text box and store them in app.config file.. which will change the database server ,username and password etc..like wise i need to get the details what are present in the datasource when i open this form

You don't have to upload a picture. Just post your code and tell us what isn't working. You've told us what you want to do but not where you are hung up. We are not going to write your code for you. That's not "help me". That's "do this for me".

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