I want to get into python programming opportunities. i'm gone through few python tutorial. have knowledge of python basic. I can rate my self in python as begineer. Please help me or guide me how can i implement my python skills to any project so that i can get into python programming and attend python developer opportunities. Can anyone suggest me wher i can get project so that i can start workin on python projects.

Thanks in adavance.

Why did you try to study a computer language like python?
You want to solve problems right?
Can't you think of any problem yourself you can solve using python?

I advise you expand beyond python. If a programmer was the best python programmer in the world and didn't have skills in what the job called for then they would not get the job.

Finish any degree in programming, learn the basics of all the languages used at your workplace or prospective employer is my advice.

As a self-confessed beginner you have a lot of work to do before you can get on a real project.

Pick a project and code it. Write a game. I suggest you skip the GUI/UX at first, write a text based tool. Try something simple for starters. Let the user pick a file, and then dump out the file to to the screen as bytes, or maybe hex bytes. Start small, then make your tool do more, and more, as you learn the language and the libraries.

The Python language is very simple. The Python Libraries are huge, and very complex.

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