Elevator Logic

  1. You are an elevator control systems engineer for ElevatorCorp Pty (Ltd)
  2. You have been receiving complaints from a specific customer about the performance of your elevators
  3. They have 5 elevators installed that have to service 10 floors
  4. There are 1500 people working in the building
  5. Business hours are from 8am to 5pm
  6. Your elevators have a service schedule of 100 full cycles (with a full cycle being one stop at each of the 10 floors, both up and down) before they need maintenance which lasts 24 hours
  7. Due to some incredibly inefficient space planning, most people will visit each floor of the building at least once per day
    The customers are complaining about the following:
    People have to wait too long to be picked up
    The elevators move too slowly
    The elevators have to be serviced too often
    I have been asked to come up with a piece of software that can be used to optimise the use of the elevators in the building so the customer will stop complaining.
    And to explain how the solution addresses each of the three complaints listed above (a,b,c)

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