Hi there

I am new to python.

is there a program i could use to make a Clock with day and date in big fonts to help my gran with memory loss.

regards Paul.

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Hi there Dani.

I have loooked at the link.
it seems that the link is for a desktop pc.

I would like to use a raspberry pi if possible using python code.

regards Paul.


@paul. I see no mention of Rasberry Pi in your top post.

But let's get to work. First why Pi this one? https://medium.com/@simonelippolis/create-a-smart-clock-with-raspberry-pi-d190995dcb49#.rvp94cj7h gives me the feeling this is over 100 EU or 100 USD so for this round I'd look back at some 7 inch Android tablet and see if we can steal some Magic Mirror magic.

Let's steal a project like http://www.instructables.com/id/Android-Motion-Sensing-Smart-Mirror/

I see that's just a web page so you can change it to your exact requirements.

And save some bucks. 7 inch tablets are 50ish USD here.


will have a look at these.

The dayclox looks great.

just thought I would try and do something with the pi as a project.

regards Paul.


if you google "rpi python minecraft clock"
couple of different version of this visual clock in A MINECRAFT enviroment but you can make a simple version python script to do what you want with a few PRINT lines ...

i think you will injoy the interative nature ... and maybe your GRAN can play in MINECRAFT -on the RPi

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Will have a look. Thanks. I think she is too far gone to play games.
regards Paul.

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