I have developed an x86 application using Visual Studio 2008 with Visual Basic as the programming language. It uses .NET Framework 3.5. My databases are created in MS Access 2007. I have deployed my software on Windows XP all the way through Windows 10 with no problems up until now. The only requirements for my software to function is the MS Access Runtime files as well as .NET Framework 3.5.

The problem lies with NEW computers where the only operating system the computer has seen is Windows 10. On computers where there was a previous version of Windows and then upgraded to Window 10 my software works flawlessly. After doing tons of research I found that Windows 10 has .NET 3.5 disabled by default. There are 3 ways to enable .NET 3.5 through the installation media, through "Turn Windows Features On/Off", and if there is software that requires .NET 3.5, Windows may prompt you to download and install the framework. I have tried all of these options on new Windows 10 computers and I am still having issues within my software. Like I said, itworks flawlessly on computers that were upgraded to Windows 10, but I believe that is because the previou versions "core files" are already in place.

What happens mainly is that my software hangs on the Microsoft ReportViewer load. I have also gone as far as installing the Microsoft ReportViewer Distributable 2008 on those machines and it still hangs.

A bit more niformation: I recently reformatted a computer and installed a fresh copy of Windows 7. I was getting the same issue of my program freezing on any Microsoft ReportViewer form. IT wasn't until I updated Windows (and I believe it updated to .NET 3.5 SP2 version) that it started working flawlessly. This is why I believe it may be a .NET Framework issue, but I am still not 100% sure, as it may have updated another file that I am missing.

If there is anyone that has any suggestions that I can try, I am open to anything. I appreciate you taking the time to read this post and I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I have to add a me too here. A fresh install of W7 here with drivers and the usual helper app to control WiFi, etc. results in app deaths. I have to wait till Windows Update runs and gets the service packs and patches before it works.

This isn't really new or news to me. I'm not sure where to file this under.

So way off topic, one of my clients wanted me to get my apps to run on Windows 95se because they have machines with that. How did I fix that? I gave an estimate how much to create apps using the old dev system 2 decades ago. That price was more than cheap laptops for his crew. Yes, way off topic but I'm unsure how to support Windows that is missing patches and service packs.

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