python programming
Your job for this question is to use Python turtle to draw any picture you'd like, making sure to meet the following requirements:
Your code must use at least 1 if-statement, prompting the user to decide between 3 choices (e.g. colours, shapes, sizes, or anything else you'd like)
Each branch of your if statement should call a function to do the actual drawing. They may all call different functions (e.g. drawMountains(), drawSurfer(), drawCat()), or all call the same function with different arguments (e.g., drawCat("blue"), drawCat("red"), drawCat("green")).
Your code must use at least 1 while loop for a clear and reasonable purpose (e.g. drawing multiple copies of something, or repeating the user prompt until they choose a correct value)
Your picture must use at least 3 different colors and draw at least 3 different shapes (not necessarily polygons) . If your user input selects between 3 different drawings, you must still draw at least 3 different shapes and use 3 different colors in all cases

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