Hi, I have a seminar in programming. My topic is how to use the api in C and how to use the api in vb6. I dont know anything about that. Can you help me a little bit? Thank you

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As to the C and VB6 seminar I would not attend since VB6 is now 17 years old and support ended in 2008. I haven't seen it for sale in over a decade. Can you reveal where there is a market today for this? That is, why invest your time in such an old thing?

I suggest you forget this seminar and move to C# and VB.NET and how CLR works.

I understand you completely but we are working at the school on this principle.
We are working in VB6 program. I really dont understand in programming at all, i see that you have so much knowledge in this area. Do you can help me or not ?
thanks for the reply

What part of the world is this that would teach, well, how do I put this, dead and gone systems?

This forum is all about trying to solve issues but for tutorials and teaching you go to your classes, your teacher if the topic is not clear and then consider dropping this class if you are not prepared for it. That is, classes you took prior to this one prepare you for such an assignment.

While I have some knowledge about C and VB6, it's fading since it's been about a decade since I updated a legacy app for the very last time.

For you, it's back to the teacher to give you what you should do next. That is, what google's to try, what books to try to find (most on this subject are out of print) and maybe best to have a talk with your career counselor about a drop and replace this class with something better. VB6 is very dead here.

I asked the professor, but he didnt want to help me, so I asked for help here.
Ok, Thanks for the advice anyway, i wish you all the best..

@rproffitt: for some raison or another, many old systems(Turbo C, PC 386 etc.) are still used today.

@ddanbe. French reasons?

Anyhow, here there are no computer classes that use VB6, Turbo C. I'm only talking about US and Canada where I have professors and scholars I have chatted with over the subject of old systems.

They pretty much agree that learning the basics of programming, such as variables, classes, methods, "readable code" is the way to go. If the student wants to get in to arcana then they hit the web and search for old books.

Back to the OP. They claim they want to make a seminar on how to use the API in C and VB6. My thought is "back to the web" for examples and then use 2 examples for each language and then slides on how to find out more. One of the things I find new students sometimes forget is how to research today. Some are snowflakes and melt or explode when you show them how to research today.

There is no "API" for c or VB6 or for any other language, for that matter. API stands for Application Programming Interface. The keyword here is "Application". You develop an application (or a framework) using a language (c, VB6, vb.Net, etc). Then, you may define an interface to that application that can be programmed. That is the API, not the language used to develop the application.

For example, you can run Microsoft Excel from the GUI, or you can create an Excel object from within another application and control that object by using the methods and properties defined in the Excel API (object model).

So when you say

My topic is how to use the api in C and how to use the api in vb6.

we can't really help because the question doesn't mean anything.

commented: I wonder if they meant how to call the old Windows API in C/VB6. But that's not the question. +12
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