Using the IAR, I need to develop a program to display a timer using the 7 segment displays, the counter must
be able to count up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds and must be displayed in the following format:
59:59 (using the colon). Use software delay loops to approximate one second delays.
Use the switches S2 and S3 on the development board for input. S2 must be used to start the timer
while S3 must be used stop the timer on the first press and reset the timer back to 00:00 on the
second press. Use interrupts for the switches and make sure they are de-bounced.
The timer should be counted in decimal.

I have very little experience with assembly, can someone help me please?

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I've used IAR compilers and tools before but the answer will be specific to your hardware and target CPU.

But here's the thing. I only use assembler when I must. This is from someone that wrote an assembler and linker and has experience on too many CPUs.

My guidance is this. Break down the problem to smaller steps you can work. If the problem is still too big, break it in two again and again till you reach a task you can complete.

rproffitt.... Sorry to post on this thread but i HADDDDD to thank you for solving my "computer won't go to sleep" issue. it's been a HUGE problem for months (and cost me many a drained battery) and you solved it for me with your follow-up post.

I have always felt clumsy with using the built in mouse pad so i had an external USB mouse and sure enough "allow device to turn on the computer" was checked in the Device Manager. Sorry again for posting on the wrong thread but i reeeeeeally HAD to thank you.

commented: Thanks for the report. Try to keep these to the discussion where it occured in. +12
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