Hello guys, hope you all fine,,
I have a problem when coding using python and opencv.
My project is to track the ball in model soccer pitch using raspberry pi camera.
I want the camera to track the ball and give an alert when the ball crosses the boundaries of the soccer pitch, for example, when crossing the boundries of the two goals it gives an alert or just a feedback, or when the ball crosses the the lines, it gives an alert.

any Ideas of how to write the codes for this .
I have all the instruments ready, the codeing is reminding
help plz...!!!

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This would not be your first rodeo. That is, if this is your first attempt at tracking you are in for a rough ride.
Before we start, be aware of where you are. This forum is not known for handing out code. Or writing apps for others.
If you want code, the best next step is to add more programmers to your project, or find (google) code that does what you want.

Again, you would not take on such a project without having done prior smaller projects.


damn am so confused bout everything in programming starting from web design someone should pls assist me


Pop quiz. You may NOT google this.

Q. What are Sobel and Canny filters used for?

If you are using google to answer then you are new to computer vision processing. That's not a sin but if you are new to this, it will be confusing for the first year or so.

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