write a program in assembly that do the following:
1-ask from the user to choose the system of numbers(binary,hex,oct,dec)
2-then ask from the user to insert two values and mathematic operator
ex: val1=any number not more than 8 bits.
operator= (multiplication)or(division)or(-,+,^)
val2=any number not more than 8 bits.
3-then do the mathematic operator between these two values and print the answer on the screen.
4-if one of the values that inserted from the user is not number then check it and do the following:
a-every small letter must convert to capital letter then save these small letter are in the value in a memory
b-every capital letter of the element of the value must print on the screen.

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In addition to what rproffitt mentioned, what processor are you targeting?

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