Hello guy's,can any one here knows how to get the data/logs from biometric using zkemkepeer at real time am using vb6.

This code below is just getting all the data from the device.Please help me.Thank You

 Dim dwEnrollNumber As Long
    Dim dwVerifyMode As Long
    Dim dwInOutMode As Long
    Dim timeStr As String
    Dim i As Long
    Dim fso, txtfile
    Dim LogStr As String

    If CZKEM1.ReadGeneralLogData(CInt(Me.txtMachNum.Text)) Then
        i = 1
        Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        Set txtfile = fso.CreateTextFile(App.Path + "\MineLog.txt", True)
      CZKEM1.ReadAllUserID 1
       While CZKEM1.GetGeneralLogDataStr(CInt(txtMachNum.Text), dwEnrollNumber, dwVerifyMode, dwInOutMode, timeStr)
                lvX.ListItems.Add i, , dwEnrollNumber
                With lvX.ListItems(i)
                    .SubItems(1) = IIf(IsNull(dwVerifyMode), "", dwVerifyMode)
                    .SubItems(2) = IIf(IsNull(dwInOutMode), "", dwInOutMode)
                    .SubItems(3) = IIf(IsNull(timeStr), "", timeStr)
                    .SubItems(4) = CStr(idwWorkcode)
                     LogStr = ""
                    LogStr = CStr(dwEnrollNumber) + Chr(9) + CStr(dwInOutMode) + Chr(9) + CStr(dwVerifyMode) + Chr(9) + timeStr + Chr(10)
                    txtfile.Write (LogStr)
                    txtfile.writeblanklines (1)

                End With
      If dwEnrollNumber = 888 Then
          Debug.Print dwEnrollNumber, dwInOutMode
          End If
        MsgBox "Get  " & i & " log"
    End If

While I no longer write new apps in VB6, my old apps would poll RS232 connections and do things (doesn't matter what here.)

https://www.google.com/search?q=Zkemkeeper+sdk+real+time finds folk are looking for this for years so you are here and my thought is to forget VB6 since it's long gone and you'll find less and less support there.

If you can read said device at say once per second, is that good enough?