Hello everyone.

I realize that this may be an elementary question, but all of my searches for answers have not given me a satisfactory result. In my ubuntu server machine, I typed in [after examining my stty settings] werase='^I' as I was configuring the terminal to my likings.

All was fine after I made that change and the command worked beautifully. After I logged out and logged back in, I could not use that shortcut anymore and I had to manually reprogram it to use it again.

Could anyone suggest how I can fix this problem and make the setting persistent?'

Thanks in advance for the input.

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Of course, you need to restart bash after modifying ~/.bashrc.

Actually you don't have to restart bash at all. You can re-load/re-source any of the changed config files in the running shell using the dot command ('.') which is a built-in. So after changing .bashrc, you can re-load it by using the following command:

. ~/.bashrc

This will reload and execute the config file, any changes that were made to the .bashrc file will then affect the running shell. No need to shut down bash and open a new instance. Just use the dot command in all open terminals to re-load the latest config!

As it is a built-in, there is no man page, but the help command will show you more information about it:

help .
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good point

Thank you everyone for your inputs!

They helped me fix it.

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