I have 2 forms namely "form1" and "form2" and checkbox "chkbox1"...The checkbox is created in "form1"..how will I assign variable in my checkbox using boolean and call it to my "form2" using VB6.0?

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I think you need to clarify your goals here. To me "assign a variable in my checkbox" sounds odd. As a VB6 coder you could use that checkbox's onchange method to change a variable as you see fit but "assign a variable" doesn't seem right.

What is this "call it to my "form2"" mean? Could this be using that variable in another form? Could it be "How do I show another form in VB6? That's unclear.

That said, you need to forget VB6. No company I know is creating new apps with that old thing. No classes should be using it either. Move forward to a current version of Visual Studio. There are the Express versions so there's no excuse to learn old bad things.


My goal is that how will I know if my checkbox is True in my form2?

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