Hi all i have listed few C tutorial resources for beginners to learn c programming online

C Tutorial

C - Resources

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This may explain why folk have to unlearn what they learned in Turbo C.

-> Isn't it time for you to move up to say GCC or the now free to use Visual Studio versions?

@rproffitt: Seems that Turbo C/C++ is still very popular in India and perhaps other countries.
Ask google: "Where is turbo c still used" and be amazed.

@ddanbe. Thanks for that. It may also explain why our office is getting projects that have been outsourced to China, India and now coming back home.

If these countries teach dated tools even when there are current technology tools free to use, they will not be competitive.

@rproffitt: Just so happens I used Borland Turbo C++ on a Macintosh for a while in the previous century. Nice thing to work with I can tell you.

commented: Those were the days my friend, and they are best left there. I wrote way too much Turbo Pascal back then. +0
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