Am looking for best practises of displaying document info in tkinter messagebox
from tkinter import *
from tkinter import messagebox

def profile():
    messagebox.showinfo("info","college\tNew student\tGraduating students\noak institue\t202\t210\nPine college\t143\t121")

root =Tk()

C = Button(text="copyright",command=profile).pack()

I think if am going to type all the info in the document the arrangement is going to get distort and not readable for the user .
I have attached a pdf file named "Display in messagebox tkinter"

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Have tried it but am not satifies with it , by the way thanks for your suggestion.

My thinking on this is this:

Message boxes are for simple interaction.
Dialog boxes are for more complex but simple interaction.
Anything more and it's a "form" or new screen where you have full control.

In other words, you scale up to what the solottion calls for.

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