Hi all,
I will be developing a C compiler :mrgreen: that will support Object Oriented Techniques, Database Connectivity and Simple Networking programming using VB.Net language.

I really wish you guys could give comments/opinions on my compiler by downloading the doc attached and send it back to me....:D

wah...please help me guys, i really need you guys feedback on this >_<

I'm afraid you're not likely to get any resopnse:

1. your form asks for personal information (alarm bells ring immediately..walk away walk away)
2. Your post and document make completely no sense at all
3. what's that dodgy looking edit link to devx forums in your last post

You maybe completely genuine, but your not looking it so you're outta luck I'm afraid.


Check those keywords Lex, Yacc, Bison (GNU), Coco/R. Basicly you need a parser and lexer (lexical analyser) first. DB and Net are simply features you will provide with your runtime library or class library; they aren't much related to compiler except OO. Also you can check the gcc C++ compiler's source.

Loren Soth

Thanks hollystyles anf Lord Soth for responding on this thread.

Ermm..maybe i should explain briefly on what i was trying to do.
I will be developing a C compiler which will suport OO techniques which limited only to CLASS and SINGLE INHERETANCE, Database connectivity and Simple Network programming.

How I plan to do it (simple explanantion)?
Creating header file that consists of OO techniques rules and syntaxes. This goes same for the rest.

AND of course I will still use DLL files for lexical analyzer, parser, semantic checker, and so on.

I'll post my questions here, by hoping get one or two feedbacks; positive or very negative feedbacks, rather than none. Cause I really really out of time.Thanks.

1. Based on your knowledge, which Data Link Library (DLL) file that is important for Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2005 to compile C/C++ codes?

2. What is the basic concept of creating a header files that supports a C++ compiler and uses Object Oriented techniques; specifically Inheritance and Single-Inheritance?

3. What are drawbacks of creating a file that supports the compiler which execute
i. Object-Oriented techniques

ii. Database Connectivity
iii. Simple Network Chat program

3(a). How do I prevent the drawbacks mentioned above from occurring?

4. What important factors do I need to consider when creating a C compiler?

5. Are there any references that you can recommend for this project?

Thanks again.


1. There are 294 DLL files on my VS.Net 2003 Installation folder; and normally your compiler should be self complete because gcc and other compilers containt all the code compilation logic within their executable; but the most VC related dll files in VS2003 are c1.dll c2.dll c1xx.dll and rcdll.dll still those are more likely not to contain the compilation logic.
2. Header files are for exposing your callable code to outer world, they are like interfaces or public methods and fields (in OO terms). I don't see how the header files are related to compiler writing, and OO support in a compiler is far more complicated to be expressed in a header file.

3.-5. See my previous post.

Loren Soth

Loren Seth, Thank You very much for you reply. I'm really owe you one. Million thanks to you. May God Bless You. :)

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