Can you please Create a student database in java using string and arrays wherein we can store details of students Like their ROLL no, Name, Father's Name,DOB, Section and then also search a student using his DOB or Roll No. or Name?

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actually, no, we can't. databases don't have 'Arrays'. They have columns and records.
I recommend looking over the basics of relational DB's (or, DB's in general) before even trying this.

Spending five minutes more analysing it beforehand, can save you hours of reworking if after creation you realized you messed up somewhere.

databases don't have 'Arrays'. They have columns and records.

Not correct, or at least incomplete. Relational databases have columns and records, but other databases use different formats. I used to be product manager for a financial database product that stored the raw data as a mutti-dimensional array or arrays and the rules as key/value pairs. Knowledge base databases use kinds of exotic formats. Etc.

If someone wants to create a database, and Strings+arrays make sense for that particular application, then why not?


Is this homework? In which case we can help you to do it, but nobody here will do it for you. Show us what you have done so far.

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