Hello, so im trying to use PyQt5 on my windows 7 but I might not be doing it right or something. So ive done pip install SIP and pip install pyqt5. Following this post, Ive done from PyQt5 import QtCore, QtGui, QtWidget and I should have a designer.exe somewhere for the QT Designer but I dont have that in my directory. So i don't know, am i missing a step? something i need to download?

QT Designer is different from pyqt. QT Designer is the Wysiwyg editor that creates .ui files that you can either compile to python code or import into the python code. Pyqt is a library / module for writing python code for qt.

To get QT Designer (QT Creator )

To use qt creator with pyqt, here is the documentation


Qt is excellent, but honestly I think it it more suited to C++.

I have found the TKinter is actually extremely powerful, fwiw.