HI! I have made an desktop application, which i have to install on my client's pc. But I want that, except that particular cleint's pc, no other pc could run it. For this purpose i got a solution to get mac address of that pc and make a check for that. But according to me this solution is not permanent as mac address changes with the NIC.

Now a days people use USB Internet devices(External NICs/Wireless modems) to use internet. When they change their device, obsviously mac address and ip address changes automatically.

I want a solution other than mac address security. Is their any way or alogorithm to make a security check other than mac address security?

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True, that will work, but I wouldn't get too hung up on it.

If it is indeed a local installed desktop application, the user (if he knows some Java) is more than capable of editing the application to remove the restriction from the application.

Spending months of research to implement the perfect security solution which can be deleted in a matter of minutes is not worth the time :)

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Agreed. "I put a lock on it." Me? I walked around the end of the fence.
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