Recently Im trying to make a software who can detect multiple faces in the some time.

but not only faces. Eyes, Nose, mouth.
saw some vids in youtube but they show no code or how to do it, more the finished project.

What Im currently trying to do is, the software detect your face, eyes, mouth, nose.
Also detect if the person mood is angry, happy, normal etc.
with what I saw in youtube/google some of those people put points at special parts of the face (the program detect by it self)
and and check if the dots are upper than the normal the mood is happy, if are lower the person is sad.

How to do this?

Also Using OpenCV

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no no Im trying to make something like.
your camera is open and you see a box in your face, when you move your face, the box moves too.

There are multiple topics on this in both languages you have posted this under on codeproject which I found in about 10 seconds using Google.

Why do you want to use OpenCV over some of the other libraries available?

wht other libraries can be used for this?

I know, but I want to follow a video tutorial or a good explanation how to do that, because the project wont be only for face detection, but eye and other part. and I want to learn how to do it, not just get it from someone else

does it work only when import photos?
because Im trying to make it with moving video camera.

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