Hello Evreryone,

I am new here and would love some help with a project I have. I have to create a MIPS program where we implement different funcntions. I was able to do strcopy but Im having trouble finding how to code the strchr, strcmp, and memset functions. Unfortunately I am new to MIPS and do not know how the funcntions are written. Could anyone show me how to write the code or some code examples for the three library functions please? The functions will be called by a test file so no main is needed. Thanks for all the help. Heres my str copy, I hope it is right


addi $sp, $sp, -4

sw $s0, 0($sp)

add $s0, $zero, $zero


add $t1, $s0, $a1

lb $t2, 0($t1)

add $t3, $s0, $a0

sb $t2, 0($t3)

beq $t2, $zero, L2

addi $s0, $s0, 1

j L1


lw $s0, 0($sp)

addi $sp, $sp, 4

jr $ra