Hello One & All,

I am a fully experienced mainframe programmer, attempting to
program for Windows utilizing the Assembly language.

Am technically oriented. Have written 11 16 bit real mode PC DOS programs
three of which dynamically linked

Have written one 32 bit protected mode VB 5 program, utilizing both sequential files & Ms Access database.

All of this was done at home with no formal training on the PC.
So you see that I am not totally ignorant of the PC programming world,
just mostly ignorant.
At this point I would like to write a 32 bit Windows program in Assembler

Can anyone suggest a resource, (book, manual, web site, ect) that might
offer some insight. A mentor would be nice too, if one is available.

I have Masm 611, the VB5 resource compiler and the VB5
linker, I would think that these would be enough to generate a windows

Thank you

I code all my Windows applications in ASM and have posted several snippets in the "asm" area that may be of some help to you.

I use NASM, but MASM and the linker and resource compiler you are using will work just as well.

Tight Coder,

Thank you for responding and helping. I will check out your
snippets. I think that I need a mentor as well, I know that
I am missing some fundamentals.

Again, thank you