can anybody write a simple java program for the following pleasee..
coz i have loads of projects in my skool and i have to submit this within 2 days..coz i have to design an interface for this too

"there are 20 houses 15 small houses and 5 big houses.if someone enters s/S it must reserve a small house,if he enters b/B then a big house should be reserved.if all the small houses are reserved ask the user do he want to reserve a gig house,if yes make the reservation or display the message sorry...befor reservin the house ask the user do he want to reserve it for a party or for a holiday. and record the number of days the user plans to stay.
prompt the user to enter c if he wants to pay from cash or cc by credit card..all the credit card payments are liable for a 2.5% additional charge.
finally the system should calculate the total cost according to the charges as following
big house--- for a party 5000
for a holiday 10000
small house--- for a party 2000
for a holiday 6000
pls can some one give me the code for the above program..dont need a GUI interface justa simple command line interface is enough...please help mee to solve this:sad: :sad: :sad:
thank you

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Think Scanner and a couple of loops. That's all you need, and from us, for your homework, that is all you will get until you do something yourself.


That's more than I would've given to someone who won't even take the time to use proper grammer.

Try your homework yourself, and then if you have trouble we might help you.

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