Does anybody know whether System.Data.SqlLite has the capability to do a Change notification callback when one of it's tables is changed? I know that Python can do it by calling the C api, but This is kind of beyond me. I know I have done this before on an oracle system, and I know it is possible on a Sql server system, the problem being I have an appication that I wanted to avoid the network overhead and simply use an in-memory database.

You could probably design an intermediate service which would have some events regsitered to notify whether any changes to the database were made or not.
Is that what you're looking for?

That intermediary service is a good idea. Wow, never thought of that. All it would have to be is a singleton which has a flag has been modified which one would use in whatever db access code you preform. That is inspiring. I went an alternate route, and this is not so important anymore. Thanks guys.