Let me give you the context. We are a small company 5 persons , two owners and we do have a variety of interests. But to be honest the money flow comes from eshops , there we developed our own platform in PHP in a way that could be in any OOP language , and in strict client side implementation (yes the OOP goes to JS as well and CSS has strict rules) (C++ extensions are there too) .

It is frustrating , I must fire today a front end developer because over the past six months made the same errors all over again despite the fact I personally highlighted those. I understand why the OOP use of JS can be weird to some ( JS has another way of OOP that most of junior developers are not accustomed with it ) . I can even understand why CSS rules are something that most can think is not a necessity. But again when I am talking about AI or VR I can find people that talk the same language with me , and know what a “context” mean and work in that context , why in earth when we are talking about something so simpler as UI and front end there is a problem ?

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Maybe, if all developers are struggling to write for your platform, they are not the issue?

As a contractor I've seen companies at all levels of NIH syndrome fail to keep their in-house frameworks (and associated projects like documentation, examples, plugins) on par with the tools that the rest of the industry are using, simply because it takes a lot of time and effort to do well.

Or, maybe you need to pay more!


I am a programmer so front end is not my thing . I can make it in three hours or less , how much would you pay for that job ? I can pay it as it worth 8 hours (that it doesn't)

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