I want to read content from a web page and store it in a string array using the programming language Gambas (a BASIC language used on Linux).
Eventually I could program it in C/C++ and call the routine from Gambas.

The URL is on the form: https://www.webpage.com/test#task

Is there any particular reason you want to use Gambas for this task?

It is of course possible with gb.net.curl but compared to other languages it's a lot of work. In Ruby it's like 3 lines (and two of them are require nokogiri and require open-uri!).

The reason is that I have done a lot of work developing my program in Gambas, and I have neither the time nor the resources to convert it to another language right now. :-)

I'll try to use gb.net.curl which I stumbled over when I was searching for a solution. Thanks anyway.

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