Hello everyone,

We're trying to create a new open-source app distribution platform named Spheris, using blockchain technology. We are really interested in your thoughts – both devs and users. We're also open for possible collabs for those who are interested.

We’re utilizing Ethereum’s blockchain technology to build Spheris as a decentralized platform. This makes a lot of cool things possible:
No registration and transaction fees, as opposed to traditional app marketplaces who charge up to $100 for registration and 30% per each transaction. No technical restrictions or censorship. Optional anonymity. Forget about the need for credit card companies or banks – you will be able to buy and sell apps using our digital currency (Spheris tokens), with the option to exchange for other digital currencies (such as Ethereum or Bitcoin).

Customers will be able to purchase apps without going through registration and without credit cards. We’re also trying to accommodate devs whose apps have been removed from Google Play for questionable reasons.

Your Feedback = Extremely Important

We are in the early process of gathering valuable feedback from devs, and see if this is a platform that devs would like to be on. For users – do you guys see this as a platform you would buy apps from? Would love to start a discussion! For devs - have you had bad experiences with app stores (de-listing, ranking issues, not being accepted etc)? Does the concept of decentralization sound like something you might want to be a part of?

If you need more info, have a look at https://spheris.io or just ask me here.

Your questions and feedback are much appreciated,

PS - sorry if this is the wrong forum for such a topic.

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The one big thing about app stores is the proliferation of malware, trojans, rootkits and spyware. The issue is not the cost overhead of the current app stores but the almost utter disregard of the other app stores in regard to apps that have malware and other issues.

It's almost like you want to be the go-to app store for those that have malware embedded in their apps.

My bet is you'll be a hit with the darkest of the dark side developers.


That's a fair point. We will be trying our best to avoid malicious software on our "main" app store, which would be run by us. We intend to filter out illegal content, as well as malware and viruses. However, Spheris is open source, which means that the platform will be free for others to setup and run with their own customizations (such as different filtering system, different ranking algorithms etc).

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