First of, i didn't know where to post this question as it isn't actually programming based but yeah. sorry.. Anyway, I was going through my binary file trying to figure out something for my program and i realized that I didn't know what the 00 sequences actually represent. what are they? if they were empty lines like in between second line and random line:

first line
second line

random line

in binary the empty lines would be a sequence of OD 0A. so what are 00 sequences.

The simplest explanation would be that they are arrays that are initialized to zero. For example, if you declare an integer array of size 100 and whatever language was used to crerate the exe automatically sets the default value to zero (some languages may not do this) then you will get a block of 100 times the number of bytes in an integer zero values.

I guess 000A is 16 bit integer, representing a line feed.


You have two characters here :

The 0A (10) is the "new line" character,
The 0D (13) is the "return to start" character.

You're not in a binary file, you're in a text file so you must check the ASCII code to know which charcter has the displayed value :

Good Luck.

Technically every file is a binary file. I interpreted "binary file" from the OP as a non-text file even though the example was clearly a text file. Straight ASCII (non-unicode) files will usually not have 00 bytes but unicode files will.