Inline Code Example HereI m working on a MLM project in which i have to store member automatically in binary tree form like

1 is root
2 is child of 1
3 is child of 1

Then 4 is child of 2
5 is child of 2

6 is child of 3
7 is child of 3

then 8 is child of 4

and so on ......

I Want to Create a Downline in above Structure. Please Help me.

can any body help me

Did you post this 3 times? Avoid that. Spamming doesn't get you points or faster replies.

Where is your code? Without it members can look it over. Also, where in the code are you having issues?

Before you reply read this:

commented: Other posts (which were also thread hijacks) now deleted so people can focus on this one +15
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