How we can a make a setup file in vb6 as other software need to install ( Like need a product key to Install )

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I have to write nope. I never saw such a thing. Where did you see this?

The usual is to put code into your app to ask for the product key. If you write apps, you can do this.

PS. Thought of another way. Write your own installer. It would be in whatever language of your choosing but that would ask the questions, check keys and such.

The question doesn't make much sense to me. What is it you are trying to install, and why does it require you to use VB6, of all things?

Also, if this has anything to do with the other post, regarding Android apps... well, you are very much in the weeds on that. VB6 - both the compiler itself, and the applications made with it - only worked on Windows, so writing anything in VB 6 for any mobile platform - including Windows Mobile - is a non-starter.

Note the past tense, as (to the best of my knowledge) the VB6 compiler does not run on versions of Windows more recent than Vista (which, as a point of reference, was released in early 2007). This may only apply to 64-bit editions of Windows, though, so I am not sure. Can anyone else clarify this point at all?

Either way, using a 20-year-old compiler that is no long officially supported by its creators is not something I would recommend in the first place. Unless you are maintaining legacy VB6 code, I would recommend finding something else - VB .Net would be an obvious choice, but Python, Ruby, Java, or C# are all options, I would expect - assuming you have a choice in the matter, which I know might not be the case.

@Schol-R-LEA. In regards to VB6. A dear buddy is running VB6 SP6 on Windows 10 Home and Pro. So while it's clearly unsupported it does work to a point.

One thing I found is dead dead and dead is the database connector. The rest seems to work.

In case you want to know why. Here it is. We get paid to maintain a nigh 20 year old VB6 app. They pay full rate and we don't talk back about it. Money talks, put don't try to make it talk to the cops.

Fair enough. I've been in a similar situation more than once myself (both for VB6, and for other old languages and systems), so I understand how that goes. Maintaining legacy apps is its own weird little world.

commented: Stay weird, get paid. +15

When I last made an installer for a VB6 application I used the nullsoft installation creator, which is very flexible and useful. I believe you can include a DLL with methods to be executed as part of the installation process, which could then be used to verify license keys and store some authentication data in the registry or elsewhere.

As for database access, yes you can do that still, you need to reference ADODB, which you may need to install if it is not present, and you can connect to all sorts of databases. At work I still support some old VB6 code which uses Sql Server for both SQL queries and stored procedure calls.

commented: ADODB looks to be dead in VB6 here on W10. Maybe other versions are dead too. +15
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