Guys, Ive gotten it into my head to do somthing fairly difficult for me,

I want to communicate with a swing application, to a proximetly sensor, and track live when it senses somthing and how many times it has sensed somthing, I want to use java.
theres alot more to it than this, eventually connect a multitude of sensors, temperture, photo eyes, etc,

I want to recieve these signals wirlessly as i want to see it on my office computer, and the sensors with be in another room,

How would I get started with this?

Treat me like a noob,




Ok, So here it is, I know how to program very nice swing gui's, very elemertary stuff, but I can do anything in swing, and thats where it ends,

The goal is to have a swing application with various graphs, data table etc, all this will be running on my pc.
The data will be coming from a proximety sensor somewhere else, lets say 50ft away,

I dont know anything about boards,
In terms of the sensor, Anything will do, are there special brands for java?
How would I communicate with my pc? with my java swing application?

Ahh, the blank sheet of paper. That's pretty hard to fill in. Sorry but Java doesn't matter yet. You need to pick your sensor and then find a way to get that connected. There's a lot of choices today from Bluetooth and other wireless links.

Bluetooth at 50 feet is a stretch so will Ethernet or WiFi do? That way you can think about Rasberry Pi boards and the way too many sensor boards there. Once you think you have your sensor picked out then you code up your Pi board to be a sensor via your LAN (big nod to IoT.) for example.