A ___ is used to document the design of a class. (2 words)

Identifying objects, attributes, and behaviors is called _____ .

Encapsulation is also called _. (not data hiding)

Which of the following are not allowable modifiers for an outer class?
Select one or more:
A. public Incorrect
B. private
C. protected
D. abstract
E. final Incorrect

This seems to be something you would get on a test or quiz. Today, if I needed to check my thoughts on this I would try the following.


That seems to kick that around and find prior discussions on the question. But that's not why I'm replying.
I'm running into folk that won't try the question on a search engine. If you would, can you share why you don't use search engines or Google?

the question you googled only answers inner class modifiers not outer
i googled all these questions already...
didn't find the answer
so i'm here now, seeking help

It would take you about one minute to try each of those modifiers in the java compiler to get an absolutely definitive answer.

An outer class cannot be protected in java but an inner class can be protected.