Good Day to All,

I am working on Visual Studio 2015.
I have two workstation computer systems, in both same operating system and Visual Studio is installed.

When i Build the main project it succeeded, and no any problem and my project runs normally on both systems.
Then i made a Setup And Deployment project to the solution using the Category...
Other Projects => Visual Studio Installer => Setup Project

The Setup project made successfully and i am able to install my application from this setup project any other computer system.

But problem is that when i needed to work on my other computer system, i copy the entire solution to that computer and after making some work i Build the main project and it was Build Successfully and my project is executing normally as on the other machine. But as i tried to Build the Setup Project then it Failed but the strange thing is that there are no any error came and the error list was empty.

I Tried many time but Build was failed in the same way every time.
Then i added a new setup project and then try to Build it but it Failed in the same way that no error came and the error list was empty ............. !!!!!!

I am very worried what the problem was ????

The more strange thing is that i copied the entire solution to my previous computer system and i was quit wonder that on that computer both the setup projects was build successfully.

Can anyone guide me what the problem is ????

Thanks a lot for this act of kind as this glitch is just pinching my brain.

Best Regards:
Solution Hall

I do not have this version to test with but some other. But I did have build issues a few years back and after some thinking I tried the CLEAN SOLUTION and the next time it did build. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/ide/building-and-cleaning-projects-and-solutions-in-visual-studio?view=vs-2017 and other articles note this.

Choose Clean Solution to delete any intermediate and output files.

When you copy projects around you could trip over this and will need to use the clean option.