Hello, im glad to have this forum. Please help me with my problem,
I am developing a pos system and my problem is i want to display my data including the picture of my product, and i want to display in a datagridview like a thubnail display.

I have table product contains id, description, price, picture. I used ms access database.

Please help me with your generous ideas

Is MS Access still a thing? After over a decade of pain (other people's pain) I looked at and decided that it was not a good option for apps I wanted to package and deploy. My choice then was MySQL and that was without the pains others showed me.

I'd redesign with other SQL systems first.

I was just emphasize my problem, yes im using ms access to get my problem solve easy. But im not actualy using ms access, i used mysql server for that.

You only had one tag so let's go with that. In vb.net, C# and such you can use their form designer to have a datagrid and then code to pull your image and more from the database. You left me wondering if such work is eluding you. There are tutorials about this on the web.
Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkp4SzFsg-Y and I am NOT writing this applies but that you can find such and keep watching till something clicks for you.