Hey!!!!I'm looking for the perl to java conversion!!!!
Can Someone please help me with the snippet!!!!
As soon as possible!!
Its very important!!!!

my @hosts  = get_hosts_ips_bymkt();
    for(my $i = 0; $i < scalar(@hosts); $i = $i + 1){
        my $ssh_true = eval {
    //  # $success = $ssh;
    //  # print "ssh=".$sucess;
                $Lsmr_IP = $hosts[$i];
                print "Lsmr_IP=".$Lsmr_IP."\n";
                $Lsmr_IP = $hosts[$i];
                print "Ip ".$Lsmr_IP." Is not connecting; trying next";
    print "Lsmr_IP=".$Lsmr_IP."\n";

my $ssh_lsm = new Control::CLI(Use => 'SSH',
                    Prompt => ']',
        Errmode=> 'return',
                    Timeout=> '30',
                    Dump_log => "ts.dump.log");

my $Lsmr_Connect = $ssh_lsm->connect(Host => $Lsmr_IP,
      Username => $user,
      Password => $pass,
    PrivateKey => '.ssh/id_dsa');

     print "user=".$user."\n";  
     print "pswd".$pass."\n";

if ($Lsmr_Connect) {        #start if connected
print "st3"."\n";

if (!$checkIVR){###jumpbox

//# $ssh_lsm->print("002");

If it's so important and urgent then I assume you must have have already started to work on it yourself. Surely you're not waiting for someone else to do it for you (for free). Post what you have done so far.

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