Pls tell me how to create a Crystal Report in VB 2003

Thanks in advance


Hi peer,

The following steps will help you to create a crystal report.

Right click thesolution explorer and select crystal report from Add New Item.

Create a dataset in your application using dataadapter.
(drag a sqldataadapter and set the connection path and the table.the n, using the fill method fill the contents of the dataadapter to the dataset)

in the crystal report designer,select standard
in the data tab,set the datasource to the table in the dataset.

In the next tab,fields tab,select the fields which u want to display.

In the group tab, select the column according to which u need to sort and set the sorting order.

In the Total tab,select the column to be summarized

The next tab topN will be active only when u select the group and total tabs. U can set the number of records to be displayed.(for eg The top 5 records or the bottom 5 records.)

In the chart tab,select the chart in which u wish to display the values.

In the last tab,style display the way in which u want ur report(for eg,
Table,Drop table.Select the style which u want.

Thats all is required to create a crystal report.

Once u have created, drag and drop a crystal report viewer onto ur form and set the report source as ur crystal report.

Hope you found this useful