dear all

i have a invoice table

now in that datagrid table i have 4 columns

itemcode itemdescription qty price

now what i need is

user come to itemcode and whenever he type itemcode, he should get a list of initial alphabetic itemnames like if i type A so itemcode must show all items codes related to A

and when i get my required itemcode, after pressing enter it should fill the related field (item description,qty,price)

please guide with codes


Hello there - this looks like it could well be a homework assignment, which is not a problem. However, just asking for code without showing us how far you have got and detailing the issues you are having with that code is. So, please let us see the code (or pseudo-code) you have and explain where you are getting stuck, then I'm sure there are folk here who will be able to help you move on.

Thank you for your reply happygreek but i did not write any code yet. i am working on an erp and i need help with this issue
this is not a homework

@omi4u. I took a look at your posts so far and it looks like you ask for others to write code for each problem you encounter. It's your code to write. Then when it fails then you share that code passage, the error and hopefully a minimum viable example.

Asking others to help you write your ERP function by function that you, at the end of the day don't understand is a bad idea.

my friend rproffitt

i not asking for erp code by code help..i already prepared my erp but on some stages im facing issues . i am only asking for code or logic at this point.not asking for all codes for my erp

@omi4u. Your post in this discussion wrote "please guide with codes". You asked for code in your other posts.

Now that you are asking for codes, you need to try again but share your code, what issue you had and the errors. Also, if I take your question in the title and google that, examples are found for you to read and try to understand.

Maybe some will write code for you but how that will fit into your ERP system would be up to you to pound into place.

thank you for your suggestion ......... no need for help from this daniweb

I worry that you didn't grasp how most forums work. Most have you share your code, issue or error messages and folk may reply with a possible fix or reason why that code fails.

If you want code written for you, that's a for-hire or code bounty type of site which do exist.

DANIWEB has a lot of experts to help you out with your code.