Create a Project name Banking which will have the following classes with the given instance variables and the methods
Create a class Account with
first name , last name, address , phone number, balance (instance variables)
Withdrawal and deposit methods

Create checking account class extending the account class,
Having additional instance variables
monthly fees, over draft limit(OD), over draft active, overdraft fees
Overriding the withdrawal and deposit methods
Withdrawal method should check the over draft active or not if yes then should check the balance with the withdrawal amount and then perform the withdrawal, if withdrawal request is within the balance simple withdrawal should be performed otherwise your method should check the over draft limit to perform the action of withdrawal by checking the requesting amount with the OD or OD plus balance.

I need help with this code ..

It's hard to offer help when we have no idea where you are stuck. If you don't even know where to start then you are probably in way over your head.

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