Using mars (mips simulator) write a program using spim assembly language to read 20 integer numbers (positive and negative) store them in an array of 20 elements rnd compute the following on these numbers.

  1. The count of positive numbers

  2. the count of even numbers

  3. print only numbers that are odd and positive on the screen.

  4. print all numbers sorted in ascending order.

  5. Print on the screen any message you like followed by your name on the screen

When I was in school I did my own homework. You should do the same. It's called "learning". You might also want to reread your post. Instead of "can you please help me with this" it comes off more like "Here's my homework. Do it for me." The first is a request. The second is just a rude demand.

So let's try this again. What have you done so far and where are you stuck?

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