hi,I'm trying write a AI calculator program on Python ,can help me how to start write this coding

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Before you start coding you make a design. That step is rough on first time programmers so think about your app then use approaches to design that are out there such as the screens of input and output, the actions and reactions from the app. Work all that out before coding.

I know what AI is, and I know what a calculator is. But I'm at a loss as to what an AI calculator is unless it's a voice actuated calculator that recognizes (since this is an English language forum) spoken English. Can you please elaborate?

which ide r u going to use i recommend using pycharm or jupiter i loved working on these 2 tools what do u suggest?

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A few things.

  1. Avoid hijacking other folk's discussions.
  2. Check your links to see if they work and looking closer it looks spammy. Don't do that either.

As to your question, why not keep using what you like?

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