Hi everyone! Do you know how to create Pizzeria Program using Python and PostgreSQL where it can keep track of the pizza orders and view the order information using Python and PostgreSQL?

Technology needed:

-Django for the program

-Postgresql for database

How it can be used:
Every time there is an order, Henry will add a pizza (Pizza A, B, or C) and will input how many pizza was ordered on that day.

By the end of the day, Henry will click on the "Report" button and the system will show the following info:

How many pizzas in total were sold for that day
How many pizzas in total were sold for that day per pizza type (see below):
How much they spent in total
How much they earned in total (net)
How much per topping was spent
If Henry was only able to sell less than 5 pizzas or less by the end of the day, it will tell him that he has failed

Pizza Types(cost per sale):

Pizza A (has Topping A, B, and C): $ 30.50

Pizza B (has Topping A only): $ 24.50

Pizza C (has Topping B and C only): $ 28.50

Toppings Types(cost per pizza):

Topping A: $ 5.99

Topping B: $ 11.99

Topping C: $ 8.99

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