The following Python 2.7 Calendar program works nicely with a Frame and a Panel, but when
I try to change to change the Frame to an MDIParentFrame and the Panel to an
MDIChildFrame (or MDIClientWindow) I cannot get it to work. I went to this because
I had trouble getting rid of regular frames when exiting prematurely.

Does anyone have have a solid solution for this without moving to Python 3? I have too
much invested in 2.7 code.

Thanks, Robin Randall

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You say the following calendar program, but what calendar program? Please include it as code in a post or as a text attachment.

Make the move to 3.0. The biggest problem is going to be modifying all your print statements but a simple Python script with a regex would handle that. The longer you stay with a defunct 2.x the harder it will be to change down the road. Do it now.

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